2012 Favorites

Milo wishes you a happy new year

Happy New Year!

It would be a titanic understatement to say that 2012 was a big year for me and my family. Any year which includes a cross-country relocation and a new job is bound to be.

Now that we are settled in Austin, I hope to be posting over here with a bit more regularity. But, like, let’s not get crazy. I will be proud of myself if I can manage twice a month.

For now, I wanted to share just a few of my favorites from 2012:

favorite Miloism: A few weeks ago at the grocery store, when Milo saw a man with a shopping cart full of wine (presumably shopping for a holiday party) and he loudly commented to me and every shopper in earshot: “That man is buying a lot of wine. He must love it even more than you do!” (Thanks, dude.)

favorite refrigerator staple: HEB’s Smoky Citrus salsa

favorite books: Patrick Rothruss’s Name of the Wind and A Wise Man’s Fear; Cheryl Strayed’s Wild

favorite movies: Wanderlust, Cabin the WoodsSubmarine and all the Hulk parts of Avengers

scene from a movie which makes me giggle every time I watch it: parts of Texas from Bernie

favorite television: Parks and Recreation, Girls, Homeland, Louie, Downton Abbey, New Girl, Call the Midwife, Bunheads

favorite podcasts: Comedy Bang Bang, Pod F Tompkast, If You’re Feeling, The JV Club, Jordan Jesse Go, Professor Blastoff, Judge John Hodgman

favorite albums: The Mountain Goats’ Transcendental Youth, David Byrne & St. Vincent’s Love This Giant, and Grizzly Bear’s Shields all got a lot of play at my house, but I’m still catching up! Thanks to end of year lists, I only just heard about some releases which might end up being favorites. I am old, you guys.

favorite bit of good timing: My best friend Melissa and I moved back to Austin within one month of each other after both living elsewhere for seven years. We didn’t plan it that way, but I couldn’t be happier about it.


favorite surprise: Matt surprised me one night in December with tickets to see The Mountain Goats, one of our favorite bands, including conspiring with Melissa to babysit Milo! I was totally surprised, and it was a magical night. I might have cried. Four times.

favorite last new development of 2012: Matt recently took up yoga, and has become a fast devotee. I can’t tell you how nice it is to walk in on my husband and my son standing side by side in the living room doing triangle pose together. I never would have predicted that, and I love it so much.

favorite unexpected rekindling of an old romance: I have really and truly fallen back in love with Austin. I don’t think it was a secret that moving back to Texas was a complicated decision for us, to say the least, and now I feel like it might be the smartest choice we’ve made in a long time. Thanks for welcoming me back, old pal.


2012 Favorites — 6 Comments

  1. this post makes me happy for so many reasons!!! happy new year!

    also, I love podcasts and I haven’t heard of ANY of your favorites!!!?? I am so uncool! I can’t wait to check them all out – I’m so glad you shared this list! xo

    • amey, i think you would especially like the JV club and if you’re feeling. i listen to a lot of podcasts which aren’t on this list, but these were my especially favorite favorites this year, and i’m not exaggerating when i say that the JV club made my year much easier. it was like free therapy in a way. anyway, glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. p.s. now i subscribed and downloaded some sample episodes of all your favorites! I am so excited! I really needed some new podcasts, and I didn’t know how to find cool ones. You saved the day!!

  3. OHMAN, I loved Bernie. I watched it with my family over the holidays, and that clip was one of my favorite parts. I had trouble hearing the end of it the first time because I was laughing so hard.