game night

Gezelligheid. Do you know this Dutch word? (You might if you’re a fan of Andrew Bird.)

It’s one of those rare foreign language words for which there is simply no equivalent word in English, but the closest translation would be: conviviality, coziness, intimacy, that feeling of togetherness you have when you spend time with loved ones.

In a Slate article, the Dutch pursuit of gezellig is described this way:

They carve out cozy, delightful moments anywhere they can find them. They bring their families on candlelit, nighttime boat rides through the canals. They chat with their friends at outdoor cafes as the sun sets. They leave work by 6 every evening. And these are not special, once-in-a-blue-moon treats. This is how they live, all the time.

When so many others are making resolutions—pledging to do more, more, more—I resolve to choose, as often as possible, the gezellig over the busy trap.


Gezelligheid — 5 Comments

  1. I would like to visit Austin and play Settlers of Catan with your family and control the board with my stash of wool. I would bake some cookies for y’all and it would be a delightful evening.

  2. panda dear, that sounds delightful! please come soon, we have many air mattresses with your name on them, and a cat who looks forward to claiming your lap for all the hours of the livelong day.