Texas VegFest and Vida Vegan Con!

I had a moment this past weekend where I realized that Monday was April 1st, and I almost fell over from disbelief. Honestly, it felt to me as if the fact that it was almost April was the biggest April Fool’s joke of all time.

But here we are, in April, which means that two events which I have been looking forward to for almost a year are now right around the corner.

Holy awesomeness, Texas VegFest is this Saturday! Reading Lazy Smurf and Molly’s chat about VegFest this year only amped up my excitement. (Thank goodness Lazy Smurf asked about tacos; she can be counted on to address the most important questions. Not being facetious. I was totally all: “What is the taco situation?”)

Milo and I will be taking the commuter rail down the fest this year. He is most looking forward to the kids yoga. I am most looking forward to the samples (duh) and hugging a whole lot of people. Will we see you there?

I am also super excited about speaking (again!) at the second Vida Vegan Con in late May, especially since it will be my first time back in Portland since we moved last Spring, and double especially because I will get to see—and in some cases, plan classes with—some of my favorite people in the world. Hot damn!

If you want to attend the conference but have been dragging your feet, I highly recommend locking down that registration now, because there are only a handful of spaces left. The first VVC was such an inspirational event for me. It was my first con, in general, and I had no idea how invigorating it could be to be surrounded by my people for a few days, you know? It made me want to attend conventions for all of my passions, pursuits, and niche interests!

Have you already registered? Let’s meet up!

What classes are you taking? You don’t have to say mine, but you are attending mine, right? They’re going to be a lot of fun. On Saturday, I will be doing a zine class  with my ladies Kittee and Amey (many a Google chat session have already taken place planning this one). Immediately after the zine class, I will be a panelist on the  “Privacy Lines & Oversharing” panel with Sayward, Dreena, and Susan. I spoke on a panel about oversharing at the first blogger conference I ever attended…in 1999.

And for those of you who aren’t planning to attend—this year, at least—I plan to write posts after the conference which go into more detail on those topics.

Hooray for community and hooray for spring. See you soon!


Texas VegFest and Vida Vegan Con! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m excited for Vida Vegan Con too, I can’t believe it’s almost here when we got the tickets it was so far away!!! I think I’m going to spend that whole week in PDX. I’ll see you at Texas VegFest!!! Hopefully while eating tacos :)

  2. you’re coming to town? whoot! hope to see you, lady! i might be volunteering at the con, but not sure since it’s Travis’s birthday weekend and i’m not sure what our plans are yet.