Operation Post All The Recipes

After I accidentally-on-purpose blew up my website, I wasn’t sure what to do with this space. I plan to continue to keep, but I don’t want to keep any type of blog anymore.

Then it occurred to me: It needs to be an archive of my recipes. Obviously! I get emails all the time asking if/where they can buy Yellow Rose Recipes, and while Yellow Rose Recipes will never be reprinted, I can put all of the recipes here. So I will! Boom! Everything from Yellow Rose Recipes, Yellow Rose Greatest Hits, the Potluck Mania zines, years of blog archives…everything.

I can’t promise that I won’t tweak a recipe or two, but I won’t sweep anything under the rug, no matter how much it embarrasses me now.

I won’t be blogging for Vegan MoFo this year, but this undertaking is kind of like four months straight of Vegan MoFo in terms of time commitment, so that’s kind of something, right?


4 thoughts on “Operation Post All The Recipes

  1. mollyjade says:

    You should add a donate button for your favorite charity (or you). Because your recipes are awesome, and this is a lot of work.

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