Vegan Ikea, Fermentation, and Food for Thought Friday

vegan month of food 2011

When you go to Ikea, do you swing by the food section? I confess that I used to stop only long enough to grab a bag of Swedish Fish for Milo, but last year, I started to poke around and read ingredients list, and I’m so glad that I did.

A surprisingly large percentage of Ikea food products are vegan! I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but I’m grateful for it.

These are our current favorites:

The product is called “Pepparkakor,” although Milo calls them “flower cookies.” They’re a thin ginger wafer cookie, a knockoff of the brand Anna’s Swedish Thins (which Ikea also carries), and they’re awesome. According to Wikipedia, pepparkakor is the Scandinavian take on the traditional Christmas gingerbread. Scandinavia, you and I are so sympatico. As much as I love fat, tender pieces of gingerbread, I prefer to roll my gingerbread cut-out cookies super-thin so that they get really crispy.

I happened to notice on my way out that Ikea’s gingerbread houses are also vegan! Hooray! I can’t wait to pick some up in a month and decorate some killer gingerbread houses with Milo.

Yesterday, I tried my hand at fermentation. I made a batch of fennel and apple sauerkraut!



As for the after: I’m going to let it ferment for a full 21 days before trying it, so check back in a few weeks!


Vegan Ikea, Fermentation, and Food for Thought Friday — 6 Comments

  1. We used to get some cookies at IKEA (UK) that were basically oaty fudge stripes, but I think they’ve either discontinued them or added something non-vegan. It was a sad day. But I always go to the food shop and see what they have. I love IKEA!

  2. Here in New Sweden, Maine, pepperkakor are traditionally served as part of the St. Lucia pageant at school. The younger children dress as pepperkakorgubbar (cookie elves) and tomtegubbar (jolly elves?) to distribute the cookies to the audience. The cookie is placed in the palm of your hand, a wish is made and the cookie gently broken with the knuckle of the other hand’s forefinger. If the cookie breaks in three (and it usually does), your wish will come true. The recipe is a cinch and can be found here:

  3. Oh I love that cookie tradition. I’m also interested to hear how your kraut comes out. I like the idea of the fennel and apple additions. What mag was the recipe from?


  4. I always swing by the food section when I go to Ikea. There are these things called Delicatobolls which are a fudgey coconut covered truffle ball, and they were SO good but for some reason last year they changed the recipe & they’re no longer vegan. I also got quite obsessed with these biscuits they had called Signoalla, they were a cream / jam filled sandwich cookie and they were the best!

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