Potluck Mania Zines

Potluck Mania was a zine which I wrote and released in 2008-2010, featuring vegan recipes ideal both for hosting and for taking to vegan potlucks.

Issue 1 of Potluck Mania

Issue One, Baby It’s Cold Outside, focused on and provided recipes for cool-weather potlucks, specifically: Brunch, Pizza Party, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Cookie Swap.

Issue 2 of Potluck Mania

Issue Two, Summer Dress Separates You from the Rest, featured recipes designed for Spring and Summer Potlucks, including the themes of: Valentine’s Day, Spring Garden Party, Fourth of July, and Summer Picnic.

While the Potluck Mania zines are no longer being published, the very best recipes from those zines are included in Yellow Rose Greatest Hits.