Yellow Rose Recipes

I am so grateful to all of the fans of Yellow Rose Recipes. Because of your support, there are no copies available of Yellow Rose Recipes. It is out of print, with no plans of reprinting it. Many of the recipes have been included (and updated!) in Yellow Rose Greatest Hits. I am aware that there are booksellers who are selling copies of Yellow Rose Recipes for exorbitant prices on Amazon, and I urge you not to give them your money. Yellow Rose Recipes is good, but not $185 good. For that price, I will come to your house and make you dinner myself. I believe that Yellow Rose Greatest Hits is the superior cookbook and will serve you well. Thanks again!

In 2007, I wrote the vegan cookbook Yellow Rose Recipes, which featured illustrations by Amanda Chronister and was published by Herbivore.

Writing this cookbook was a passion project of mine and I still feel so lucky to have had the chance to do it.

cover of Yellow Rose Recipes

cover of Yellow Rose Recipes

Here are nice things people have said about Yellow Rose Recipes:

There are a lot of fancy cookbooks out there that are more fun to look at, or show off to guests, than to cook from. Yellow Rose Recipes, while fun to look at, will be one of those covered-in-food-dog-eared-pages editions to your collection. — Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Veganomicon and Appetite for Reduction, from the forward to Yellow Rose Recipes

Hearty vegan recipes, really well-written and with beautiful photographs. I expect this one to be creased and battered within the year. Vegan-battered, of course. — Meghan Deans

Amazing book. The most gorgeously designed cookbook I’ve ever seen, and the recipes just all seem to make sense. Totally achievable awesomeness. No random ingredients that you’ve never heard of. Everyone I show it to says they want a copy of their own! So I will be buying more copies I guess. — Kevin Fanning

My picky omnivore husband eats second helpings of everything I make from this book. — Amber Karnes

I have purchased just about every vegan cookbook Amazon carries over the past 2 years searching for some kind of healthy vegetarian/vegan cookbook that I like more than a couple of the recipes. I have to say that the Yellow Rose Recipes cookbook is going to be my favorite. — Amazon reviewer

[T]his is a beautiful, user-friendly, tasty cookbook that is destined to get splashed with food on my counter due to excessive use! — Amazon reviewer

[Yellow Rose Recipes is] the one I always come back to and I use more of the recipes from it than most of my other vegan cookbooks. — Amazon reviewer

[Yellow Rose Recipes] recipes are easy, delicious, and the whole book is friendly – kind of like the vegan Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. — poster on a thread about best cookbooks to buy new vegetarians, and possibly my favorite thing that has ever been said about my book

 Yellow Rose Recipes is out of print, but the best recipes from Yellow Rose Recipes have been updated and included in Yellow Rose Greatest Hits.


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  8. I just made the Thai Bowl from your amazing cookbook – it was off the charts!! My husband absolutely loved it. We made Southwestern wraps last week and were equally impressed! Thanks!

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  10. :( this is so depressing, because its sounds like this would be the great way to experience vegan food in a simple easy way but I can’t find it anywhere. I am going to get the Greatest Hits, but is there any way to find this for .. you know less than 600 dollars? :)

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  12. Hi, a friend just told me I had to get your cookbook since it is the best one she ever had. I of course can’t find it and then I just saw your post about having 30 and I pray I am not to late to hopefully get one. Thank you in advance. Lakshmi

  13. hello, I have just come across your website and would like to ask you where I could order both of your books? I live in Europe so can only order online.
    Thank you!